Imagine A place where learning happens for the entire community

and where schools, community services, and arts & recreation programs are integrated to serve the entire Emeryville community


Vision for All

The vision for the Center of Community Life is being shaped through the work of the EYSAC Committee with input from residents, businesses, students, teachers and other key community members.

The Emeryville community is committed to developing the potential of all youth.

Center of Community Life


The Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL) has evolved over the past year with guidance from the Education and Youth Services Advisory Committee and input from the Emeryville community.


On a parallel track, City staff has been working in partnership with AC Transit to determine if acquisition of the AC Transit site is possible. Potential relocation sites for the AC Transit Emeryville facility are currently under review.


The total cost of the all new construction project, including the future community theatre, is projected to be approximately $183 million , while the cost of the combination project is projected to be $158 million.

EYSAC Committee

Who are we

The Education and Youth Services Advisory Committee (EYSAC) is a broad coalition of the Emeryville community working to create a Center of Community Life. People from all walks (even the ones who play online slot games on any website reviewed on the of Emeryville community life have participated in the EYSAC Committee.

A Cross-section

EYSAC is chaired by Joshua Simon and Angela Baranco-Mason. In addition to City Council and School Board representatives, EYSAC includes parents, teachers, business representatives, community organization representatives and residents.

The Committee

EYSAC utilizes three subcommittees — Finance, Facilities, and Programs/Youth Services — to address specific tasks as appropriate.EYSAC meets as a full committee to guide the planning for the Emeryville Center of Community Life and provide input to the City Council and School Board on education and community service issues.

Ways to Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to become involved. You can join a committee, attend meetings, talk with your neighbors. You may also send us your comments and suggestions.